Company Profile

GPE GLOBALPHARMA OÜ is an Estonian-Canadian generic pharmaceutical company with a primary focus of operations in the manufacturing and packaging of generic pharmaceutical products for sale throughout the EU and Non-EU Europe.

As part of our long-term proprietary line of products development plan, GPE GLOBAL is also offering contract packaging and manufacturing services to pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers.

The GMP compliant production line and facility were designed in cooperation with the Estonian State Agency of Medicine to ensure design and layout efficiency; encompassing a full service, high-speed tablet and capsule production line including a bottling line and high-speed blister packing equipment.

GPE GLOBAL's factory is located in the Tartu Biotechnology Park (TBD), a modern, innovative facility that offers the ideal environment for generic pharmaceutical operations. The TBD also operates GMP compliant laboratory support services, which will streamline GPE GLOBAL product development and quality assurance.

GPE GLOBAL'S operations are located in Estonia, a leading emerging economy in the European Union. Estonia is known for its liberal economic environment and highly diverse technology sector. The Company's factory is strategically located in the city of Tartu, the site of one of the oldest Universities in Europe founded in 1632 by the Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus. The University of Tartu is world renowned for its medical and pharmacological faculties. GPE is working with the University to further the professional aspect of the pharmaceutical business in the Baltic's. We also assist in subsidizing the pharmacological faculty by offering part time work to its students.

Strategically located for trade, Estonia is a Nordic country and as a member of the European Union is well established in Central Europe with historical ties to Eastern Europe including being a gateway to Russia. Estonia is home to a warm-water port and excellent ground transportation infrastructure; further benefiting the Country's close proximity to many established but under serviced markets in Europe.

Key Personnel

Dr. Jaanus Pikani,CEO of GPE GLOBALPARMA OÜ.

Dr. Pikani has a medical background and vast business experience in the biomedical field. Dr. Pikani's medical career began as a Specialist Doctor in Oncology with the Estonian Cancer Centre, where he progressed to Chief Doctor and CEO. In 1994 Dr. Pikani went in to public service, working as Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later as Chief of Staff to the Office of the President of Estonia. Since then, Dr. Pikani has been the CEO of Tartu University Hospitals and a Board Member of many Estonian biomedical companies. Recently, Dr. Pikani has also been a health care consultant to the World Bank.

Mr. Ülo Isberg,International Sales Director of GPE

Mr. Isberg is an Estonian-Canadian businessman with extensive experience working with Canadian companies as well as with Estonian trade, right from the re-establishment of Independence in 1991. Mr. Isberg is a director in several Estonian business associations and is also a Major in the Estonian Army Reserves (non-active) with mission experience as a senior military officer in top level staff positions as well as combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Brandon Keks,Director of Operations for GPE

Mr. Keks is the Director of Operations for GPE and also oversee the Company's International special projects. Mr. Keks has a Global Executive MBA from The University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and The University of Toronto - Rotman School of Business.

Ms. Kati Peterson, Director of Factory Operations and Qualified Person for GPE

Ms Peterson has more than ten years experience in the area of pharmaceutical production. Her experience includes working in Quality Assurance with the pharmaceutical company Nycomed SEFA AS and as the QA Officer for Takeda Pharma AS.

Ms Tiina Tali, Production Manager for GPE

Ms. Tali brings more than twenty-five years of manufacturing and pharmaceutical experience to GPE Global. Most recently she was the Production Manager of Nycomed SEFA AS Polva, controlling and reviewing Nycomed's pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging division. Ms. Tali has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Tallinn University.