GPE is strategically located within one of the most advanced Bio Technology parks in the Baltic Region of Europe. Thus, GPE is able to leverage strategic Bio Tech relationships from neighbouring Bio Tech firms both in product development and analysis overview. With collaborative regional partnerships GPE assures itself of innovative and progressive pharma platforms.

Cutting Edge Research and Development

With the worldwide opioid epidemic concerns, solution based objectives designed to address abuse as well as accidental overdose fatality has been a focus of GPE's future direction. The emergence of medicinal cannabis as a global solution to the ever-growing opioid problem has led GPE into cutting edge research and development programs centered around cannabis. With active programs in stability assessment based on multiple delivery options in both traditional and non-traditional formats GPE has clearly identified itself as a leader in alternative pain remedy medicines.
The natural progression into cannabis based solutions for primary care disorders related to acute and chronic physical, mental and social health issues, including multiple chronic diseases has positioned GPE as a leader in new millennial medicine platforms.
GPE is committed to medicine created with all outcomes considered and as such sees itself as a progressive leader in the proactive era of non-traditional medicinal platforms.