Business Environment

Estonia has many attributes that make the Country attractive to foreign investment. At the forefront are access to skilled labor, a balanced budget, almost non-existent public debt, flat-rate income tax, free trade regime, competitive commercial banking sector, innovative e-Services and an extremely efficient decentralized bureaucratic system.

Estonia's sophisticated e-Services for the public and private sectors have in particular transformed the Country into one of Europe's business success stories of the last decade. For example, Skype was founded in Estonia. Services in the private sector such as Internet banking and digital signatures have cut costs and speeded up trade like never before. Likewise the public sector solutions used in Estonia like electronic tax filing, e-business registry and the availability of public records online have pared bureaucratic waste down to a minimum.

Estonia joined the European Union in 2004 and adopted its currency in 2011. Operating in the EU allows for virtually transparent, border-free exchange of goods and services. The EU's open market system has produced a robust parallel import industry that has created the need for high-volume re-packaging services. GPE GLOBAL has the necessary licenses and equipment to service this emerging secondary and tertiary packaging business.

Both EU and non-EU Europe represent growing but under-serviced markets where affordable generic medicines are essential for meeting both current and future needs. The growth of GPE GLOBAL and its contribution to the production of generic medicines and will help ensure equal access and affordable frontline treatments for the over 500 million European citizens.

Generic medicines make up nearly 50% of all medicines dispensed in Europe. By 2015 the global generic drug industry will be worth over $168 billion, of which over 35% will be represented by Europe.

GPE GLOBAL growth is aimed at capturing key segments of the generic industry proportionate to its production capacity. With so much market share available, GPE GLOBAL has a strategic plan for growing operations beyond current capacities through expansion of its production capabilities which encompass three main areas; contract packaging, contract production and the creation of a GPE GLOBAL proprietary line of products.